Scotty X's rated musical adventure

My name is Scotty X

I'm a musician and bassist currently residing in Seattle

I am also a sound tech for studio and live productions

There is nothing exciting about me as a person

Except that I work very hard in the music business

Music has always been my passion in life and always will be

I believe that music touches everyone in some way or another

So I do my small part to make that happen for people every day

I have lived in Seattle for 20 years now

Seattle has an amazing Funk and Soul scene 

You may or may not know that already

I am blessed to have had so many amazing experiences 

But one of my all time favorites captured on video

Was performing with Tiffany Wilson

On the Nancy Guppy show

February 23rd, 2018

Thank you to Tiffany Wilson, Tamara Locke,

Tamara Witherspoon, Jon Ryser, Davee C Carpenter,

Stingshark, Joey Waubaum and Nancy Guppy

Please enjoy this video...

And I look forward to seeing you in the real world ! 


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