Scotty X Christopher is a musician, bass player, audio engineer and backline tech currently residing in Seattle. He has been a unique talent within the fabric of the Seattle Music community since 1995. Whether onstage performing as an in-demand bass player, or making the magic happen behind the scenes, he is recognized as one of the most versatile contributors to the local music scene. 

Scotty’s love for music was obvious when he began playing bass at age 10. By age 16 he was well versed in music theory and was running live sound at local venues. At age 20 he was in Hollywood attending the Musician’s Institute being immersed and surrounded by the best musicians in the world. Following school, he went on the road for several years and toured across the United States. During this time, he was not only perfecting his craft as a performing musician, he also took on the role of road manager. 

Scotty X is consistently acknowledged for his mastery of the most technical aspects of live and studio sound engineering. He describes being inspired by the Shaolin Monks and their philosophy that the most complex tasks can be overcome by mastering the very foundations of any art form. He mixes front of house, monitors, and techs backline at major shows in theaters and venues in addition to being an expert drum and guitar tech. 

In 1995, after cutting his teeth in the LA music scene, a trip to Seattle turned into a permanent stay. It was a heady time for a young musician as he witnessed Seattle's golden age in terms of its impact on popular culture with the Grunge scene. But he soon discovered the underground Seattle Soul scene and was immediately mesmerized by the amount of pure talent and strived to become a part of it. 

Scotty X's authentic rise through the ranks and the road of Funk and Soul music as a bass player led him to take one step further behind the singer and the songs he supports to find a joy and soon expertise in the world of concert production. Specializing in front of house, monitors and backline for many national artists and doing every job in realm of the technical side of production. He is absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to make a concert more than just a show, but an unforgettable experience. 

His knowledge and commitment to music is grounded in the deepest sense in his ethos and work ethic as a bass player, well versed and respected in the fields of Soul and Funk as well as the many facets of modern concert production. 

Scotty X lives by the motto "Funk not only moves - it can remove, dig ? 
The desired effect is what you get when you improve your Interplanetary Funksmanship!"